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tentacleface's Journal

Tentacle Face
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For Nickelodeon's The Troop

01. Please tag all your posts properly.

02. When posting images over 450 px wide or embedded videos, please put them behind an lj-cut. This might change if we change layouts but for now, this keeps everything looking clean and organized, and it also doesn't screw up everyone else's friend pages.

03. All fanfiction should either be behind a cut or linked to your journal.

04. Please don't post links to locked (icon/fic/etc) posts.

05. Please lock all posts containing NC-17 or NSFW content.

06. Discussion posts are encouraged, so if you have a passing thought about something, feel free to share it with the comm.

07. Please ask us if you'd like to promote another community on this one. We have no lives and are always online so we'll probably get back to you very soon and we'll most likely be all for the idea.

08. When posting information, site your sources! We like to know where to find the latest things.

09. Put all spoilers behind a cut with a spoiler warning.

10. We want you guys to have fun, and we want to have fun, so please, don't start wank. I'm really not worried about that happening, but be respectful of one another and try not to make really defensive-sounding comments, we want the fandom to be as enjoyable as the show. :)


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